Coping with jetlag, chemical-style

Chemicals folk travel the world in pursuit of global deals, but it seems that some of them are better at it than others.
Some of them swear by Melatonin, which helps them to sleep on the plane and to stay awake by day at their destination. Unfortunately, it’s not licensed for sale in pharmacies in the UK, so you have to be a traveller first to get your hands on it.
The Blog’s New York colleague Joe is a new convert to Ambien, a prescription sleeping tablet so strong, he says, that if you take it at the airport and your flight is delayed, you have to keep walking around to avoid keeling over. Joe says this one is just the trick for the Singapore Airlines new 18-hour direct flight which he caught from New York to Singapore, and which was only launched on 15 May, just in time for his trip to the APIC conference.
But the Blog’s favourite sleep-deprivation tale from this week’s travellers was from one corporate dinner, where the senior executives found at the end of the evening that their colleague Richard was curled up fast asleep at the table. How I wish I had been there with the Blog camera to see that.

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