Movie Trailer: Chemical Wedding


chemical_wedding 2.jpg

Not surprisingly, this new film release hasn’t got much to say about chemicals, since it is an occult thriller inspired by the life of the mystic, Aleister Crowley. Written by Bruce Dickinson, front man of the legendary Iron Maiden, and Julian Doyle (Time Bandits, Life of Brian), and released in the UK on 30 May, it has received uniformly poor reviews and a rather mean 2-star rating (out of 5) from The Times, whose reviewer says:

 “This is certainly not a film that has pretensions of being great art. It’s an exploitation flick pure and simple, with all the ritualistic violence and gratuitous sex and nudity that the genre entails.”


The Blog has refrained on this occasion from adding the link to the trailer, which does indeed contain all of the above, but curious readers will be able to google it easily enough.


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