Post-holiday chemical reading

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While the Blog has been away on holiday (of which, more later), it seems that the mainstream press has been full of items of interest to chemical folk.













 UK supermarkets are now selling milk in recyclable plastic pouches, with a plastic jug, or “revolutionary eco-friendly milk container” to store in the fridge, according this article in the Times. milk jug.jpg

ExxonMobil started a series of full page ads in the The Daily Telegraph (p7 on 9 June) on “The Global Energy Challenge“.

Lucy Kellaway in the FT puts her finger on the button as to why people aren’t happy in their corporate jobs. They don’t get to spend enough time doing what they consider to be their real job. Beauticians, hairdressers and soldiers, by contrast, spend their working lives doing the work they have chosen to do, and have been trained to do, and are top of the happiness charts.

“The rest of us are dissatisfied because only a tiny amount of the day is spent actually doing what we are supposed to do. The rest is frittered away in meetings, sending pointless e-mails, and in aimless acts of office pettiness, leaving one grumpy and drained.”

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