Totally recyclable PLA cups for ICIS smoothies

Nigel Davis enthuses about drinking his smoothies out of fully recyclable PLA …

smoothie cropped 30.JPGIt’s getting everywhere. These recyclable PLA (polylactic acid) smoothie cups were spotted in the ICIS canteen on Wednesday. The big recycling push here at Reed Business Information (RBI – ICIS’s parent company) has extended to food packaging and even paper napkins made from recycled paper. Recycling is encouraged across our offices as it is in so many others now. I wonder what the full impact will be on virgin petro-polymer demand?


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One Response to Totally recyclable PLA cups for ICIS smoothies

  1. Ed Cox 16 July, 2008 at 1:31 pm #

    That’s a good point Nigel. My PET contacts sound pretty nervous about the continual push to use more recycled PET instead. And then you factor in all the new Middle East virgin PET coming online in the next few years. Where’s it all going to go??

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