Buried treasure unearthed at EPCA

I heard a tale at a cocktail party last night that had the listeners agog. It seems that one senior trader recently left his company in a bit of hurry, and without troubling to clear his desk. It was not clear whether he had left of his own accord or had been pushed, but some time later, a man from head office arrived to tie up the details and to sort out the desk.

In full view of the office, he unlocked the desk and unpacked its contents. To everyone’s surprise, he found at the back of a drawer a large package which, when unwrapped, revealed a large pink electrical item of an intimate nature.

After the initial gasps, and because we are all at heart conspiracy theorists, people were asking whether it was actually his own, or whether it had been planted there to discredit him.

I’ve known people to quit or be fired and then escorted off the premises, but always after clearing their desks – it’s part of the deal.

Note to self: must clear out desk.

(Only the colour has been changed to protect the innocent.)

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