Fabulous food at ICIS Brussels training seminar

The best thing about this week’s ICIS training seminars in Brussels in the EPCA offices, better even than all the train travel, is undoubtedly the food. It is fantastic. Catered by a local restaurant in the Montgomery suburb of Brussels, it is a sumptuous buffet. There’s lumpfish roe mock-caviar, salmon, rare beef, bottles of wine – all thrown in for less than the regular price of a hotel conference lunch. I’m glad my pricing paper on this first day is on just before lunch and I can relax and enjoy it.
An army marches on its stomach, according to Napoleon, and that is certainly true of Nigel, Peter and myself.
After the Brussels lunches, I warn them that the most we can expect for lunch in Rotterdam is a cheese roll. I’ve had cheese roll lunches at the Dutch offices of Akzo, Shell and Lyondell, so my hopes are not high.
So joy is unconfined when our hosts produce pizza and spaghetti, still hot even though my pricing paper has over-run by half an hour.
More pics from the Brussels training course:

camera photos 2007 brussels 1.jpg


camera photos 2007 brussels 2.jpg

camera photos 2007 brussels 3.jpg

camera photos brussels 4.jpg

camera photos 2007 brussels 5.jpg

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