Going, going, gone – Disappearing Traders


Where arethey now? The conversation on the balcony at one EPCA function last nightturned to the traders who have disappeared from the industry in the last yearor two.

Out camethe amusing anecdotes about the circumstances of their departure, and even themess they left behind, and occasionally the clamouring creditors who still waitin vain to be repaid.

But dotraders ever disappear without trace – Yigal, Clemens, Fran, Gary or Roy?

 Some stillmeet up with their former colleagues or are seen at industry golfing events,but as time passes by, it becomes increasingly clear that they will not becoming back.

And whileother characters slip chameleon-like from one trading or broking house toanother, making use of old contacts and adapting to new roles, for others thereis sadly no return.


It leads theBlog to ponder on what characteristics define the chameleons, and what it isthat keeps the door firmly shut in the face of the Disappeared.


The Blog’strader checklist for whether you are likely to be the next
Comeback Kid. Respondyes to any of these, and the answer is NO.


1 Did youlose your company a shedload of money?

2 Does yourbellowing and bad language leave your office colleagues quaking?

3 Are youcompletely ineffectual such that all the other traders can eat you forbreakfast?

4 Do youhave a murky secret which is well known in the industry?

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