How to get rid of a computer

hard drive 10.jpg

It’s notoften that I feel the need to smash something up with a hammer, but the oldcomputer had been sitting unused for about two years, and it was time for it togo.

Heeding allthe scare stories about identity theft from unwiped hard drives, my soncarefully removed the two hard drives. We loaded the PC into the car to go tothe “Household Reuse and Recycling Centre (The Tip)”, where a man in a littlehut recycles salvageable electronic components into his own pocket, and thenset about destroying the hard drives.

We bangedthem repeatedly with a hammer, we stood on them, we jumped on them. We tried abigger hammer. They were indestructible. So now they’re back on the shelf untilwe can take advantage of some anger management issues and get the hammer outagain.

Click hereto see a video clip of a more thorough hammering of a hard drive.

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