Trains for Training

The ICIS Training roadshow has spent the week out and about on the trains of Belgium and the Netherlands.
After two courses in Brussels and one in Rotterdam, Nigel, Peter and I are veterans of the speedy Brussels metro, the over-heated, crowded Thalys inter-city train from Brussels to Rotterdam, the early morning commuter metro from central Rotterdam out to Pernis, and finally the empty inter-city Hi-speed train to Schipol airport.
Through the mist and scratched train windows at Pernis, I take some photos of the petrochemical complex plant flaring off some gas, and for good measure a pic of Nigel and Peter on the train, which we probably won’t be using as promotional material on the ICIS Training website.
In the three training seminars, I am once again overwhelmed by the charm and directness of the Dutch, not to mention the preponderance of tall people, both men and women.
Never one to boast about my two tall children, I feel sure their height is a late but rather telling manifestation of the small amount of Dutch blood in our family through my Dutch great-grandfather.

camera photos 2007 056.jpg
camera photos 2007 055.jpg
camera photos 2007 054.jpg


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