Aromatics Conference 2008 – I’m virtually there

There’s only one thing worse than going to an ICIS Aromatics Conference. And that’s NOT going to an ICIS Aromatics Conference. I’m already bored with not going to things. So from next week, I’m going to be out and about at anything I can lay my hands on, starting with the ICIS Training AGM, about which more later.

Today is Day One of the Aromatics Conference in Cologne, and I’m writing up conference papers for ICIS news as if I was there. Except I’m not. It’s all the hard graft of the conference without the fun bits.
Editorial protocol dictates that the news articles shouldn’t suggest that I was actually there and heard the papers, so they are peppered with the disclaimers like “in a paper prepared for the conference”, so that no-one should be misled. That’s just as well, because one of this morning’s speakers, Paul Satchell, didn’t show up and gave his paper from his sickbed in Wales by ‘phone. What a trooper.
The morning session went well, with papers from Nigel Davis, Paul Hodges and Wood Mackenzie. The day’s chairman, John Keeley had them rolling in the aisles with his non-PC jokes, I hear from Paul H in the lunch break. I hope we can hear these bits on the post-conference podcast. He also says the mood is quite upbeat, with talk of a U-shaped recession, in which we are now just bumping along the bottom.

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