Dubai training seminars

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The ICIS conference and training team is back from Dubai after running a Baseoils conference, two training seminars and a joint ICIS/Nexant Middle East Petrochems conference, leaving the city seriously depleted of earrings, pashminas and fake handbags. I hear that everything went smoothly and with a very good turnout at the conferences.
Our event manager Heather tells me that usually the keynote speaker turns up with his entourage and is whisked away straight after his paper, but she was very impressed that our keynote speaker Mr Al-Terkait from Equate stayed and sat in the front row, asked questions and generally took part in the whole conference.
Peter Taffe, our intelligence editor, reported back that the delegates were so enthusiastic with their questioning in the training sessions that everything ran way over time, making for some long days. Peter and Prema, from ICIS Singapore, were kept busy running back and forth between the Methanol Institute’s methanol conference and our Middle East event, pumping out articles for ICIS news.
The photo is courtesy of our audio-visual (AV) technician, but I wish someone had taken a photo of the hotel bathrooms where the water to fill the bath came out of the ceiling, so that it was “nice and frothy” for the bath, according to one of our team. No gold taps though.

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