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Even sophisticated spam-filtering fails to protect the Blog inbox from about ten emails a day from sources which are slightly relevant to petchems but unwanted nonetheless.

I never signed up for any of this stuff, so this week I made a concerted effort to unsubscribe to all junk email, rather than just delete it as I usually do.
Some of them confirm that I am instantly unsubscribed, but others say it may take up to six weeks. Most infuriatingly, some of it doesn’t have an unsubscribe option.
Yesterday I unsubscribed to energy newsletters, a Russian conference, a telephone conferencing service, a list of UK plastics events, a housing conference and an Asian Round Table.
But most persistent of all are the social networking sites – Xing, LinkedIn,, Friends Reunited. They write almost every day.
After I accepted one friend’s request for Xing because he wanted to show some photos (why couldn’t he just send them?) now I am plagued by daily emails. So I am resisting LinkedIn, although it looks like most of the chemical industry is already on there, not to mention everyone in the ICIS office. One friend told me, “I don’t do anything with it, but I’ve heard you can be offered fantastic jobs on it.” Keep on hoping.

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