Royal Society of Chemistry pronounces on Yorkshire Pudding

I had the most perfect pub lunch in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday. It was a “roast beef and Yorkshire pudding wrap” served with horseradish sauce, gravy and traditional fat golden English chips. The Yorkshire pudding was fragrant and delicious, straight from the oven, and the historic Windmill pub had a roaring fire and a rugby international (Wales vs South Africa) on the giant flatscreen. Eat your heart out, you expat readers.


yorkshire puddings.jpgSo imagine my surprise when this evening I heard a boffin from the Royal Society of Chemistry on BBC Radio 4′s “PM Programme” extolling the delights of the perfect Yorkshire Pudding recipe, which is now to be found on the Royal Society’s website. I hope my Yorkshire friend John R at ICIS Singapore will review this recipe and give us his feedback.

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  1. John Richardson 14 November, 2008 at 1:06 pm #

    Aye up and eee by gum etc etc etc blah de blah de blah blah

    As every true Yorkshireman (actually spelt Yaarksheer man) knows, food in our benighted county should always taste awful.

    From tripe and dripping to chips and curry sauce to Yarksheer Puddin’ it is our birth right, indeed or proud heritage, to always expect and indeed receive foul food. We enjoy being miserable, love drizzle, sut, winding gears, grinding poverty (with the occasional luxury break in a Carribean villa), cussedness, stubbornnes and sheer bloody-mindedness.

    So here’s my alternative recipe for Toad in the Hole a la the Manor (pronounced the Mano) estate in Sheffield:

    *Take one old pair of shoes (make sure the leather has been soaked in something unpleasant that our canine friends like to deposit near lamp-posts), separate off the soles and bake the remaining leather in an oven for 27 years

    *Remove said leather and insert rodent that drew its last breath around the time of the Black Death.

    Alternatively, and for something far more unpleasant, visit the Quadrant House canteen.

    Eeee. grand and lovely. I’ll go tut foot i me stairs….Ekie thumb etc etc, oh how I love being a cultural stereotype…Geoff Boycott is God

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