The Burj Tower – world’s tallest buildings attract petchems folk

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Is it any coincidence that the world’s tallest buildings are in cities beloved by the global petrochemical business? How long will it be before the annual December conference of the Gulf Petrochemical Association (GPCA) moves from Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai to the world’s newest tallest building, the Burj Tower?

The Burj, opening next June at 807.7m (speculated finished height) is well above the current tallest building, Taipei 101 (508m), which was just across the road from the conference location for the 2007 Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC). I think every APIC delegate found time to take the lifts to the top observation platform for a view out into solid rainclouds.
No chemical tour of the world’s tallest buildings would be complete without a stopover at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not only named after the national oil and chemical company Petronas, it houses the company. Standing on the skybridge on a family holiday visit there, we had a shifty smile when the tour guide told us proudly that the Sean Connery film Entrapment (long believed by the Blog to be the worst film ever made) had been filmed at the Petronas Towers.
Picking up on the clear attraction that petchems folk feel for tall buildings, ICIS held its own 2nd Asian Polymers Conference in the then “world’s highest hotel”, the Hyatt on the sky-scraping 53rd to 87th floors of the Jin Mao Tower in the Pudong, Shanghai. One of my polymers colleagues says that it was a lovely hotel, ”but the air quality was so bad, I didn’t know I had a river view for three days.” 

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  1. bernadette 9 March, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    It’s just a really sad thing, this building. Why should this building be of importance? Because it’s so large? What about the large number of middle class Americans that are now living in tents because they have lost their jobs? They are now living with NO running water and NO electricity! How much water and electricity will go wasted in this building? Unfortunately, most of these priceless commodities are taken for granted in an unappreciated manner. Some people have their priorities confused SO BADLY that the only thing they see is themselves and their precious wealth of fame for a “brief moment”. How much more beneficial and honorable would it have been if that money would have been used to help those less fortunate? Those who respectfully worked their full-time jobs to support their families, who now, are sleeping in sleeping bags outside while hundreds of thousands of square footage sits “vacant” ??? Some things really make me ill….

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