Barack Obama’s Lego inauguration

legoland capitol.jpg

Legoland California is featuring a Lego version of Barack Obama’s inauguration. The Blog has already revealed itself to be heavily pro-Lego (the supreme petrochemical toy), and indeed has crates of the stuff including its younger playmate Duplo stored away in the upper reaches of the house, forlornly awaiting the occasional visits from younger nieces and nephews.


This photo gallery in the Guardian has 11 photos of the Lego inauguration, complete with some sly little captions.


My favourites are the Lego Aretha Franklin, and picture 6, “George Bush Sr, Barbara Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton show no emotion during Lego Obama’s swearing-in ceremony,” with their blank Lego faces.





Click here for links to the Lego James Bond 007 Operation and Giant Lego Man Washed Up on Beach.

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