The sweet smell of maple syrup chemicals


A mysterious maple syrup smell has been wafting across New York City and into the offices of ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) on Park Avenue South for the past five years. At last city officials have sniffed out the source of the sweet smell – a New Jersey plant which processes flavours and fragrances, according to this article in the New York Post which even has a video of Mayor Michael Bloomberg charting the smell’s route across the city.

“The odour was eventually traced to Frutarom, a facility in Bergen County that produces ester – a chemical compound used to make food additives and fragrances,” the article revealed.
“There’s always mysterious things going on in NJ,” comments one of our Manhattan journalists.
And it’s not just maple syrup. Another colleague emails to say that, ”Sometimes on a drive home, I’ll suddenly smell melting chocolate from the trees and pavement.”

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