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The petrochemical industry may be divided about the bailouts to banks and the car industry, but they are solidly of one voice on the subject of Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi swindler due in court on Thursday and expected to plead guilty. He is facing a 150-year jail sentence.

In gleeful anticipation of the speedy triumph of justice in the case, a few Madoff jokes have been going the rounds.
1 Congress says they’re looking into the Bernie Madoff scandal. So the guy who made $50 billion disappear, is being investigated by the people who made $750 billion disappear.

2 The Obama Administration rolled out its much-awaited foreclosure-prevention plan on Wednesday nicknamed “The Ponzi Policy”, saying if it could work for Bernie Madoff, it could work for the United States The plan asks those facing foreclosure to simply send a cheque for a thousand dollars to the first name on the list, “Fannie Mae”, then place their name at the bottom of the list, and ask 275 million friends to do the same. 


3 “It looks like more than 13,000 people were caught up in that Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. You know what a Ponzi scheme is? That’s where you throw good money after bad, or as the government calls it, a stimulus package.” — Jay Leno

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  1. Henry G 7 April, 2009 at 12:04 pm #

    Bernie Madoff is an American businessman and former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange who was convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme that has been called the largest investor fraud ever committed by a single person.A 1969 Rybovich would be a nice addition to the family toys. A 1969 Rybovich is not a classic car, it’s a boat, and they retail for about $2 million, a classic luxury yacht. Well, the one that was owned by Bernie Madoff was just seized in order to get some cash advances to the people he ripped off. The bulk of his holdings and property are going to be sold in order to raise funds to make some sort of reparations for the $40 billion he ripped off from clients. Still, a lot of people would need some serious cash advances to afford a 1969 Rybovich.

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