Big suitcases and guns – more business travel costs

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As if it wasn’t already difficult enough for UK petchem travellers to decide what to pack for NPRA in San Antonio next week. By the time they’ve packed businesswear, business casual, ties, mandarin collar jackets, warm weather clothes and wet weather clothes, they’ll be needing a monster suitcase. So now imagine my horror on reading this warning from British Airways today:


British Airways will introduce a charge for oversized checked baggage and a ‘special bag charge’ for certain items to cover the additional cost of handling these items …

The charges are:

  1. Introduction of a £25 handling charge for bags between 90cm x 75cm x 43cm (35.5ins x 29.5ins x 16ins) and 240cm x 75cm x 65cm  (94.5ins x 29.5ins x 25.5ins) the maximum dimension.
  2. Introduction of a £25 handling charge for firearms.

 And that firearms charge is just the final straw.



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