EPCA – record attendance, big names and Mercedes World

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The March 2009 EPCA Newsletter has just dropped into the Blog inbox, trumpeting the success of its last annual conference and giving advance notice of the thrills in store at its 2009 conference.

The first line states proudly: “With more than 2,158 registered delegates, EPCA reached an absolute record number of registered persons (at its September 2008 conference in Monaco.)”
With just days to go before the annual NPRA conference in the US – “the world’s largest and most prestigious conference representing the petrochemical industry” – which announced last week that its registrations so far were at 2,200 – one could be forgiven for thinking that EPCA was showing a playful bit of competitive spirit here.
The theme of EPCA 2009 in Berlin was announced as “Turbulent Times for Chemicals: Coping with Challenges through Sustainable Development,” and there are some big names on the programme including
  • Condoleeza Rice, US Secretary of State 2005-2009
  • Joshka Fischer, former Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor Germany
  • Nikhil Meswani, Executive Director, Reliance Industries
  • Stephen Pryor, Global President, ExxonMobil Chemical
  • Dr Gerd Leipold, Executive Director, Greenpeace International
  • Dr Ulrich von Deessen, BASF
In addition to the opening party at Mercedes World, EPCA will organise an exhibition “Sustainable Cars: Chemicals as Part of the Solution,” in co-operation with Cefic, which will run for the duration of the conference.
(Click here for the EPCA Newsletter, but you will need your EPCA username and password.)

Since publication, EPCA has let us know that the exhibition is not a confirmed part of the programme yet.


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