What is business casual for women?

business women in business casual.jpgWhereas business casual for men can be a source of endless hilarity, business casual for women is an altogether more serious affair. The fashion pages are full of advice about what constitutes a fashionable business casual outfit (4 inch heels, lipstick, flesh, layers and big jewellery) but from visiting chemical companies and holding our own training seminars across northwest Europe, a different picture emerges. This season the continent’s petchem business women will be favouring:
1 black
2 trousers (not jeans)
3 wool (jumpers, tunics, thick tights, waistcoats, tabards)
4 low-cut tops (English women only)
5 any Blackberry
And for the US, it’s all of the above plus flesh-coloured tights and acrylic nails.
While for Singapore, it will be pashminas and pastel-coloured jackets for warmth against the fierce air-conditioning.

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  1. Barbara 1 April, 2009 at 10:58 am #

    Gina, an American reader, tells me this is spot on, but not the flesh coloured tights, not in Houston or New York. It’s bare legs or black tights, she sys. The Blog is happy to be corrected on this. It was only meant to annoy.

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