Yellow ducks – more plastics in advertising

I’ve just remembered this ad was also on before the main film last night. Anyone who still has the ICIS yellow plastic ducks from conferences gone by, not to mention the Hilton Hotels tiny yellow ducks, will welcome this advance of the ducks into mainstream cinema. The advert is called “March of the Ducks” and has a slightly threatening voiceover from British screen heart-throb Sean Bean.

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One Response to Yellow ducks – more plastics in advertising

  1. janetplanet2009 14 March, 2009 at 12:09 pm #

    Now you can stick a fork in me…………because I am done. The velvety, smooth as silk voice of Sean Bean is womb trembling. Even pushing 50 years old – he’s still dead sexy considering he’s old enough to be a grandpa………

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