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Plastic coat for baby alpaca

Newborn alpaca (aka cria) Nerissa has her photo in the Times newspaper (no photo in the online article) today in this fetching waterproof plastic coat.   Her owner, Jenny MacHarg tells the Blog that,“Nerissa has lots of different coats and they seem to be made of a very similar material to a waterproof jacket that […]

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Business travel – just when it couldn’t get any worse

Just when it looked like a bad year for business travel couldn’t get any worse, along comes swine flu, and even the most determined of travellers is going to think again.   Chemical conference and exhibition organisers must be quaking in their shoes as commercial and health concerns combine in a “perfect storm” of factors […]

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Chemical activity in the Swiss mountains

ICIS reporter Shelley Kerr was lucky enough to attend the recent “Newstone Winter Event” hosted by the brokerage at the ski resort of Engelberg in Switzerland …. “Attendees were treated to a boozy buffet lunch before being escorted in horse drawn carriages to the slopes where they were to sample air boarding to the sound […]

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Cartoon caption competition at Chemical Processing

The hotly awaited winner of the cartoon caption competition in has been announced today.   Click here to see the winning caption, the cartoon, and in true chemical engineering fashion a long list of runners up.   More chemical engineering jokes.

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Twittering executives are making a complete hash of it – Kellaway

Twitter may be “potentially the best communication tool there is; the trouble is that most executives are making a complete hash of using it,” says Lucy Kellaway in today’s Financial Times.   “Either they fill it with mundane personal detail, or they fill it with mundane professional detail … The first scores higher on embarrassment; […]

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Exploding cocktails – it’s all in the chemicals

Explosive drinks were all the rage at NPRA this year. Predrag was the first to tell me about the obscenely named cocktails at the “Howl at the Moon” bar on the Riverwalk, where shots glasses of spirits (whiskey, tequila, vodka, bourbon) were dropped into glasses of beer so that the contents exploded into a white […]

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Floggers guest speaker Ann Widdecombe

Excitement is mounting ahead of next week’s Floggers lunch in London, where flamboyant Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe is set to be the after-lunch speaker.   The annual lunch of the Chemical Business Association (CBA) on Wednesday 29 April will be held as always in the Great Room of the Grosvenor House hotel on Park Lane, and […]

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How do you know you’re a chemical engineer?

Oh no, I think I’m turning into a chemical engineer. I just read through this list to the very end, all the while thinking, “This list is way too long – typical engineers,” only to see Mark’s comment at the end: You know you are a chemical engineer if you’ve actually read this whole message […]

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Roland Berger Strategy interview on video

I’m impressed at this video which Will shot on his own camera while interviewing a leading chemical industry consultant today in the leafy surroundings of London’s Berkeley Square (of nightingale fame).   Will Beacham, European bureau chief of ICIS Chemical Business (ICB), was interviewing Thorsten Ploss, partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, for an ICIS […]

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Boom, bust and blondes

You can tell there’s a recession on by the amount of chemicals we’re putting on our hair. It’s the equivalent of the “lipstick effect“: when money is tight, it’s a cheap way to update your look.   Figures from L’Oreal show that sales of hairdyes have increased by 7% since December, and supermarket Tesco is […]

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