“State of Play” – a journalist’s movie

russell crowe in state of play.jpg

Russell Crowe stars in the new movie “State of Play”, about an investigative reporter who gets involved with the personal problems of an old friend, a politician uncovering corruption. It is set in the US, where big newspapers have been closing in recent months, rather than the UK where the original TV series was set, and like Series 5 of The Wire, it highlights the mixed nature of the relationship between the reporter and his subject matter.

It sounds like a must-see for anyone involved on either side of the reporting process – I think we should have an office outing to this one. The film opens on 24 April in the UK.
Click here to see the “State of Play” trailer (sorry, there’s an advert on first). Remember, petrochemical folk: ”Good reporters don’t have friends, only sources.”

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