A Town Called Panic – a movie comedy of plastics

Town called panic Vincent Patar, Jeanne Balibar and Stephane Aubier 21 May 2009.jpg

“A Town Called Panic” (Panique au village), a Belgian comedy movie about plastic toys, previewed at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday. The review in Hollywoodreporter.com says that it is “absolutely brilliant:”


The main characters are Cowboy, Indian, and Horse, who improbably live together in a town called Panic. They are plastic toys, twisted into impossible positions, which rest on little stands, and it’s this fact that provides a great deal of the film’s novelty. Various bizarre and even surrealistic things happen to them, as they journey to the center of the earth, get stuck in something that resembles the North Pole, and discover a parallel universe of water that is populated by pointy-headed bad guys who wear diving suits and goggles and look really, really weird.


The jokes come fast and hard, and part of the humor arises from the American accent (in French) and the American slang that the characters use.


I particularly liked this photo of starlet Jeanne Balibar at the film’s photocall on Friday, sporting the hairstyle well-known at ICIS as “European hair goes to Singapore and/or Houston.”



Town Called Panic' photocall at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France - 22 May 2009.jpg


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