Bank holiday at the movies

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The cinema was more crowded than I’d ever seen it on Monday. Three screens were showing the new “X-Men Origins – Wolverine” and two had Nigel’s favourite “Hannah Montana”, so there were groups of teens, mums with parties of girls, couples and seniors, all milling around the multiplex lobby and queuing up for coke and popcorn combos (with free gift) on a grey bank holiday after two glorious sunny days outdoors.


We went to see “State of Play“, which is a fine film packed full of enough of the essentials to keep this Blog happy: blogs, newspapers, Russell Crowe, lots of noir night scenes, trickery, betrayal, bad blondes and good brunettes (although no credible love interest) and a few good jokes.


There were no chemicals bad guys this time, but plenty of military baddies (mercenaries only, definitely not US forces) and political villains, and a token cold heartless female boss (easy to spot from her British accent) played by the gorgeous Helen Mirren who, in her limited time onscreen managed to use every single non-American English word which Americans find so endearing, like bloody, knickers and w**ker.


I won’t spoil the ending but suffice it to say that everything works out and the newspaper presses roll another day. That’s when you know it’s just fiction.


For a proper review of the film, see IMDB.


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