Boiling hot at EPL Madrid

All the news and gossip from last week’s European Petrochemical Luncheon (EPL) in Madrid is gradually filtering back to the Blog.  All anyone could talk about at the time was the heat: 37 deg C and extremely dry. “I feel like I’m turning to dust,” said one Houston visitor, more used to the 104 deg F (40 deg C) and 100% humidity of Houston in the previous week.
The turnout was very good – about 130 by all accounts – with quite a few of the usual suspects quite star-struck by the after-dinner speaker, Ruby Wax. Fitting in with traditional Spanish culture, the petchem delegates were up late on Thursday night in the bar of the Westin Palace, where news of Michael Jackson’s death broke during the evening, and there was much reminiscing and telling of jokes in poor taste, as so often happens at petchem events, into the early hours.
A few sights which took the fancy of the Blog’s contributors:
Museum of Ham

Museum of Jamon.jpg

Dictator Dolls

dictator dolls.jpg

PS When one reader commented that he didn’t get the relevance of the photos, our photographer commented: “Ham and dictators – you don’t get more Spanish than that.”

(Disclaimer: Opinions belong to the characters quoted, and do not reflect those of the Blog.)


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