Expat lifestyle – homesick in Riyadh

Faisalia Tower Riyadh Rex.jpg

One of our expat friends working for a couple of months in Saudi Arabia phones on his Skype phone from his flat in Riyadh to say that he is homesick and finding that there is absolutely nothing to do there.

He says that where he is living there are a few restaurants, which all serve the same kind of food and nothing else: no bars, theatres, cinemas.  As a beer-loving Irishman, he is finding it particularly hard but not really unexpected, and he says there is nothing to see either.  There are apparently several Debenhams in Riyadh and the main recreation for most of the population is shopping.

He tries to cook for himself and has tried dishes such as camel casserole, with camel purchased from one of the local French-owned supermarkets.

(photo Faisalia Tower, Riyadh: Rex)

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