Fabulous chemical plant photos


Artistic photos of chemical plant are hidden away in this corner of the ICIS Connect forum, where photographers have uploaded some of their most spectacular shots.

The Blog has followed the trail which leads to group of 37 member photographers on Flickr with a collection of 96 dramatic and stylish photos of chemical plant, taken by real enthusiasts.
With permission from the photographers, the Blog is thinking of running this as a regular feature – taking inspiration from fellow Reed bloggers at “BigLorryBlog” which is dedicated to endless photos of, yes, big lorries (trucks), and has an unfathomably huge and loyal readership.
Plant 1 Eastman plant in Malaysia.jpg“Eastman Plant in Malaysia” by Hanim Rafar.
Plant 2 LyondellBasell plant at Maasvlakte.jpg
“The new LyondellBasell factory at the Maasvlakte” by Peet.

Plant 3 Solvay plant near Barcelona.jpg



“Solvay factory near Barcelona, Spain” by Jorge Franganillo


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