Springsteen at Glastonbury in comfort

bruce springsteen glasto 27 june 2009 photo Rex.jpg

I was watching Bruce Springsteen’s set at the Glastonbury Festival last night, recorded from Saturday, marvelling at his energy and how wonderfully comfortable it was to be watching with my feet up at home without having waited six hours to get near the front for the same kind of view. Even better, in real life (IRL) it took two-and-half-hours, but the BBC cleverly condensed it to just the good stuff. When I saw him in London at the Emirates Stadium last year, it had all the worst aspects of the IRL experience: he was a tiny blur in the distance, and it took ages to get home afterwards.

Still flying the flag for authenticity, Will Beacham, ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) European bureau chief, is immersing himself in the full Glasto experience and will be staggering back into the office tomorrow. He has promised me a piece for my Blog – something about the festival with a chemicals angle, and with accompanying photos. I’m curious to see how that’s going to work out. Watch this space.

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