Queen misses Bermuda 400th anniversary

Bermuda, favoured retirement location for US chemical folk in the Northeast Chems (NECA) hubs of Philadelphia, NYC and Pittsburgh, and popular ICIS holiday destination for those with anniversaries to celebrate, has been shaken by the Queen’s decision to skip its 400th anniversary celebrations on 28 July, according to this article which I read in old-fashioned hard copy while marooned indoors on Tuesday during a Devon downpour.


It appears that Queen Elizabeth II did not attend Tuesday’s event after the island’s elected Government decided in June to resettle four former Guantanamo Bay prisoners, ethnic Uighurs from China – a matter of concern to chemicals retirees with property values on their minds.


By the purest coincidence, the Blog found this plaque on the Cobb at Lyme Regis on Sunday, commemorating Sir George Somers who founded the settlement on Bermuda when he ran his flagship aground there on 28 July 1609.



Devon july 2009 003.jpg



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