Ethanol comes to cat owners’ rescue

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ICIS polymers senior editor, Linda Naylor writes about her recent relocation from London to Paris …


The thought of our looming journey between London and Paris with the cat in tow filled me with dread. I imagined hours of endless miaowing and wailing emanating from the cat’s travelling cage in the back of the car, but in the end the whole process was a breeze, thanks to a solution of feline pheromone in a solution of ethanol.

Interested in the pheromone phenomenon, I looked up the product on the internet, and found some very interesting sites, particularly for the single gents among you. Here is a quote from a site I found (the grammatical errors are not mine):

 When Attractant Pheromone spray is applied to clothing it evaporates slowly and surrounds the wearer with an invisible layer of sexuality that will effect women in the immediate vicinity.

Attractant will change your life – and it’s guaranteed – so you have nothing to lose! Try it today!”

So have a go, gents, and let us know the outcome!


(Photo: Flickr)

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  1. Judith Baker 5 August, 2009 at 5:47 am #

    This is something I have recently come across too! Our two cats needed vaccinations prior to our Arizona vacation and their cattery trip. This is normally a traumatic occasion, but this time the vet introduced us to the pheromone spray, rubbing it into his hands before vaccinating the cats. Their reaction was amazing and instantaneous! They squirmed and purred throughout! We have now purchased a bottle of the lotion for the next claw-cutting exercise – it’s magic! (I haven’t tried it in any other context…)

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