Polyurethane swimsuit scandal

photo Adidas helge_meeuw_1.jpg

Controversial polyurethane bodysuits, which helped win 34 world records so far at the Swimming World Championships in Rome, will be illegal from next April or May.


The slinky 100% polyurethane swimsuits, such as the Jaked01, Arena X-glide and Adidas Hydrofoil are more buoyant, stronger and lessen water resistance for the swimmers.


Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics wearing his Speedo LZR suit, itself 50% polyurethane, and 23 world records were set at the Olympics by swimmers wearing the LZR.


The question on the lips of the swimming world now is whether all the polyurethane-enhanced swimming records should be allowed to stand.


speedo laucnhes LZR 2008 rex_732433b.jpg

(photos: Adidas, Rex)

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