Solve the housing crisis and boost jobs with Lego

Gen Con 2009 Gamer Convention, Indianapolis, America - Aug 2009.jpg

Lego, the ultimate petrochemical toy, is enjoying unprecedented success and this week recorded a two-thirds rise in pre-tax profits worldwide and a 35% jump in UK sales, aided no doubt by constant plugs in the Blog.


Now the popular coloured plastic toy is being hailed as the cure for every country’s housing shortage, in an article in the Times today.


“Lego’s techies could dream up a sustainable brick and create homes more durable and pleasing to the eye than the flimsy, low-grade hutches that pass for houses on many new developments. The housing crisis would be addressed, the dole queue shortened and across the land families could spend their weekends helping friends to build their homes, like mass Amish barn-raisings …

Few could have imagined in 1932, when the Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen founded Lego (from the Danish leg godt, meaning “play well”), that in its eighth decade the company would be such a behemoth in the world toy market. Lego is sold in 130 countries and used by an estimated 400 million people. Some 17 billion Lego bricks, with their ingenious studs-and-tubes design, are made each year.”

(photo Rex: Gen Con 2009 Gamer Convention, Indianapolis, Aug 2009, attendees play a game involving Lego Pirate ships in a lounge area at the Indiana Convention Center.)

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