Careers in chemicals

ICB_Student_Logo smaller.jpgAndy Brice from ICB has a few words to say on his newest campaign and blog …


ICIS Chemical Business is almost a month in to its year-long Education and Recruitment Campaign, and it’s already garnered widespread support from many leading trade associations and chemical producers.


It’s no secret that the industry is facing a severe labour crisis and there’s an urgent need to attract new recruits.


There’s a wealth of opportunities for those wishing to pursue a career in chemicals but are students and graduates aware of them? What is your company doing to swell your ranks and how are you reaching out to bright, young talent?


If you fancy sharing news, views or concerns, why not join our online web forum, ICIS connect. There you can take part in discussions, upload videos and documents, and help to address this key issue.


ICIS Chemical Business will be running a series of articles over the coming months – (all ideas and contributions are welcome – email and a blog has been launched to highlight the industry’s efforts.


The labour shortage isn’t going to go away, so take a moment to share your views. The chemical industry needs YOU!

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