Two Stuart Goldsmiths, Two John Richardsons

epca Day_2_EPCA_002.jpgI had to laugh yesterday when I saw a leaflet for a local stand-up comedy gig starring an up-and-coming comedian called Stuart Goldsmith. Just why it should be so amusing to picture olefins trader Stuart Goldsmith as a stand-up comedian is hard to explain to those readers who don’t know him.


I remember being impressed to see a review of a new Picasso biography by art historian John Richardson, when we all know the more famous John Richardson, blogger of Asian Chemicals Connections.


A simple Google search shows that very few of us have sole rights to our own name.


My namesake is a Viennese opera singer, my daughter’s is a supermodel, and my husband’s is busy scoring goals for Port Vale when he can take time off from being an Australian surfing champion.


For more on same, see: Two John Mitchells


(photo: EPCA 2009)

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