Hi-tech Plastic Wrap-Around Video Specs

Vuzix Wrap eyewear.jpgThe petrochemical world is divided, as in so many things, on the subject of whether it is cool to wear sunglasses indoors – for example, at a conference.


Digressing for just a moment, it is almost always acceptable even mandatory to wear sunglasses at outdoor industry events. What self-respecting delegate would even think of walking to a conference meeting across Monaco‘s Place du Casino during EPCA or along the San Antonio Riverwalk during NPRA without a pair of shades?


But wearing sunglasses indoors is always going to look ridiculous – or is it?


What about if your sunglasses could be a means to watching a film on a long-distance journey or while killing time at an airport?


These hi-tech plastic Vuzix Wrap 280 video spectacles create the impression of a 51-inch widescreen display floating 10 ft before your eyes, and the sound comes from noise-cancelling stereo earbuds and a pocket remote control. They’re selling like hotcakes, and from the Vuzix website, you can see that the more expensive lines are all sold out.


They look quite chunky compared to normal sunglasses, according to a review in yesterday’s Sunday Times, which ends with the pointed question: “Are you prepared to look a turkey wearing them in public?”


(photo: Vuzix)


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