PHOTOS: Official EPCA 2009 Berlin photos

At last, the official EPCA photos we were all looking forward to. EPCA posted them on the website on Wednesday, where delegates are able to download them by using their conference username and password. A few selected highlights have been chosen for the Blog’s readers (photos copyright EPCA).


epca Day_1_EPCA_044.jpgepca Day_2_EPCA_011.jpgepca Day_2_EPCA_016.jpgepca Day_2_EPCA_024.jpgepca Day_2_EPCA_055.jpgepca Day_3_EPCA_022.jpgepca Dr_Rice_Lunch_034.jpgepca Open_Event_033.jpgepca Open_Event_037.jpgepca Open_Event_053.jpgepca Open_Event_087.jpgepca Open_Event_102.jpg 

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