Reed Elsevier sets sail with new CEO at helm

I’ve left the car at home this morning because I’ll be going on the train up to Tower Bridge this evening to a reception on board HMS St Albans. So I’m on an early morning long-distance X26 bus from west London to south London, along with all the school kids in their smart blazers, and I turn on my Blackberry to read that our new CEO, Ian Smith, has left, and we have a new new CEO who says he is similarly excited about the great business and talented workforce he has inherited.


I feel a faint pucker of disappointment, as Ian Smith was known to be particularly excited about ICIS, within the great empire of businesses which is publishing giant Reed Elsevier, perhaps because of his distant links to oil and chemicals at Shell. We had been looking forward to being the recipients of his largesse and to welcoming him to spend a Day on the Shop Floor with us.


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HMS St Albans.JPG (photo: Royal Navy frigate HMS St Albans in the Solent.)


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