Remote control candles threat to paraffin wax

electronic-mooncandles_alt4.jpgGift catalogues are on my doormat every evening when I return home at this time of year. Usually I put them straight into the recycling bag, because there are only so many cotton poloshirts or floral arrangements or crafty wooden toys that any family needs.


I do, however, make an exception for the geeky gadget catalogues like Firebox and (strapline: “stuff you don’t need…but you really, really want,”) thinking that I might find something for my son or even a chemical-related item for my Blog.


And sure enough, there’s one to send a shudder through the global paraffin wax industry.


At this festive time of year, when northern hemisphere demand for candles reaches its peak, what could be less welcome than the arrival on the market of remote control electric candles?


“No hunting for matches, no wax oozing over the furniture, and of course, no getting up from your chair – just click the remote control  and your candles magically spring to life in a variety of colours and flickering effects.”


The remote control has a button for adjusting the brightness (no more candle dazzle headaches), and even a timer, so you need never worry about falling asleep and burning the house down.


I’ll be watching the ICIS pricing Paraffin Wax report to see the impact of this new threat to the industry.


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(photo: Electric Mooncandles)

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