Showing off on LinkedIn

 linkedin.jpgA weekly LinkedIn Network Update has just landed in the Blog inbox, showing how industrious all my contacts have been in joining groups, connecting with each other, updating their profiles, linking to news articles, reading books, updating their status, and planning their trips via TripIt.


The TripIt application has testimonials or “Raves” from users who can hardly contain themselves in their admiration:

  • “A terrific site that has changed my travel life…” – WNBC New York TV
  • “It’s kind of magical…”Joel on Software

It’s just a bunch of boxes which you fill in with details of your business or holiday travel plans, so that all your contacts are emailed with updates stating that: AN Other is returning from a trip to Dubai via TripIt, or Joe Bloggs is planning a trip to New York, NY in November via TripIt.


The ostensible purpose is to alert your many contacts in Dubai or New York – so many that you couldn’t possibly contact them all yourself – so that they can bombard you with requests for mutually beneficial business meetings. The real point is of course to show off to all your friends, contacts, previous and prospective employers about your globe-trotting activities. Fair enough, but “magical” or life-changing? I don’t think so.


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