EPL Brussels – the gloom lifts

statue brussels hilton lobby dec 09.jpgThursday’s EPL (European Petrochemical Luncheon) meeting in Brussels brought out some mixed views about the outlook for petchems in 2010. For every mention of an upturn, there was a gloomier counterpart. Either way, the December meeting turnout was healthy, with 126 names on the delegate list, which is rather more than at the other 2009 EPLs.


One German producer said that all travel restrictions were now off at his company, although another said that she and her colleagues had been allowed to have just one hotel night, so they had had to arrive very early on Thursday morning to fit in all their meetings.


The after-dinner act “Men in Coats – Silent Comedy” was generally received well, as was the pre-dinner cocktail reception sponsored by Centrotrade. Delegates then got on with the traditional business of spreading gossip about divorces, babies, spin-off companies, travel adventures, sporting prowess and medical procedures.


The smoke-filled bar of the Brussels Hilton was as much of a health hazard as ever, only more disgusting because no-one is used to this any more.


One EPL committee member told the Blog the next morning that he had been in the bar until 3.15 am because one (non-EPL) Hilton guest had been ordering bottles of Dom Perignon 1995. “I don’t even like champagne,” he said, but he’d had a couple of glasses just to be polite.


ice sculpture at st pancras dec 09.jpg(photos: statue in Brussels Hilton lobby, and ice sculpture in the London St Pancras Eurostar train terminal.)

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