First Class Flights – Eastbound Only

Singapore Airlines Suites A380 Double Bed.jpgSome of the airlines most frequented by European petchem business travellers have decided to axe First Class on their services in and around Europe, according to this article in the Times which I read during the holidays.


Not that this is any great loss to most corporate middle-management travellers, who have never paid to see the inside of the First Class cabin. Just a few have wistful tales to tell of being selected for upgrades, or using their own frequent flyer points to secure the extra comfort on a long haul flight.


Nevertheless there is still a buoyant demand for First Class travel on the London-Singapore and London-Dubai routes, and the Blog’s eyes lit up to see that on Singapore Airlines you can have your own private cabin with a double bed and flatscreen TV. Dream on …


(Photo Singapore Airlines)

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  1. Ashok 6 January, 2010 at 1:43 am #

    I think that photo is from the honeymoon suite on the inaugural A380 flight

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