Movie Review: Up in the Air

george clooney up in the air jan 2010 photo Rex.jpgTravelling to new places, especially when they are warm and sunny, is interesting, whereas travelling to the same places repeatedly is not. Especially when they are in the less attractive parts of one’s own country.


For petchem businesses with a global reach, a certain amount of business travel is inevitable. After the deepest cutback in executive travel in the fourth quarter of 2008, people seem to be back on their planes as if it had never happened.


Everyone knows someone who seems to be forever out of the office, hell bent on gathering frequent flyer points and hotel loyalty points to support his family holidays. Now a new film, “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney, has taken this premise to its logical extreme: a man who is travelling 300 days a year and has abandoned his fixed abode, put his belongings into storage and lives in a series of hotel suites, with no bills to pay, no cleaning to consider and all his relationships en route.


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