Plastic Fantastic – The Lego Kitchen

Lego kitchen Pillard and Rossetti.jpgI might have believed that two French designers were so enamoured of Lego that they chose it to construct a kitchen island unit in their Parisian apartment, described in gushing detail in a five-page article in the Style section of Saturday’s Times Magazine (sorry, links not working).


I might have believed it until I saw the accompanying photo of Philippe and Simon, “designers of stickers, tiles, posters and T-shirts.” Do they look like they would spend the alleged seven days carefully piecing together the multicoloured ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) bricks? The Blog reckons that kitchen unit was put together just ahead of the photographer’s visit and dismantled just as quickly afterwards.


“We put in a basic white Ikea kitchen, but then used Lego to create a façade around the island unit,” (supply own French accent).


And did anyone think of the hygiene implications of liquids dripping down between the bricks?


The Blog can’t help but observe that Lego is increasingly being used to fill space in the Design or Lifestyle sections of the mainstream press. Whatever next? How long before the cunning little bricks can be shoehorned into the Sports section? 

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