Amsterdam ICIS Training heralds upturn in petchem travelling

Can business travel be back to pre-recession levels already? The Blog doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, but the turnout for the ICIS Training seminars on Monday and Tuesday this week was the highest for the past year – and this was after a strong attendance at November’s Aromatics Conference and a much higher than anticipated number of registrations for the ICIS Olefins Conference in March.


The “Introduction to Petrochemicals” training on Monday sees a really eclectic bunch of petchem novices gathering in snowy Amsterdam – from rubber traders, to powertool packagers, to label manufacturers, to major chemical producers. And not just from the European petchem heartland, but from as far afield as South Africa, Syria and Abu Dhabi. Half the delegates are women, and two of them are in headscarves.


As I give my paper on the second day “Advanced” course, the snow is gently falling outside the window. Peter T throws himself into the training with gusto, dressing in head to toe polyester to bring his topic to life. I notice that his bag of props for the polymers training has become more space-saving over the years. We’re now down to small pill bottles and assorted bagging, which can be packed up into a small space in his carry-on luggage.


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