Bus queuing par excellence

queue for 521 photo Tom.jpgI’ve just spent a couple of days in the ICIS Heren office in Holborn, and was very impressed to see a supreme example of Olde English bus queuing at the bus stop outside Waterloo station on both days.


In most parts of London, queuing at bus stops is a ramshackle affair, but the dual queue at the 521 bus stop for the seven-minute journey from Waterloo to Holborn, is a queue par excellence. Two parallel lines of smartly dressed City folk stand in the exact position for the two doors of the 521 “bendy” bus.


I didn’t capture this on camera, but now I see that there is a whole website devoted to tracking the trials and tribulations of London‘s bus commuters (Boriswatch), and these perfect queues have been captured by one Tom in his posting: “A Week on the 521.”

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