Chemicals Book Column: The Shape of Water

Andrea Camilleri’s “The Shape of Water,” set in the seedy but sunny corruption of Sicily, is a recent addition to the Blog’s long defunct series of Chemical Book Reviews.


When I wrote here about how I was conned into paying full price for the third of the Stieg Larssen trilogy, and revealed myself to be a Wallander fan, my colleague Kristian Vieru was kind enough to recommend to me the writing s of Camilleri.  He is the author of a series of five books featuring a world-weary Sicilian detective called Salvo Montalbano, who solves cases and enjoys fine food.


Imagine my surprise on finding that the first murder takes place in an abandoned chemical factory called “Sicilchim,” which the author’s footnote explains as “shorthand for Sicilia Chimica, or Sicilian Chemicals.”


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