ICIS Olefins Conference – now SOLD OUT

The ICIS Olefins Conference to be held at the Brussels Hilton on 3 March is now sold out, I hear from Nel on Friday. She emails me as I am coming out of the morning sessions at the World Base Oils Conference, which has also been a huge success, with a record attendance. As I said here last week (oops I am sounding like Paul Hodges here) it looks like we are all returning to business travel with alacrity.


(Click here for Top Story from World Base Oils Conference.)

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One Response to ICIS Olefins Conference – now SOLD OUT

  1. Paul Hodges 24 February, 2010 at 7:33 am #


    Things seem to be getting better and better for you.

    The policemen are looking younger, you’ve been to see Jerusalem, and now you find yourself sounding like myself.

    As they say in the movies, ‘Its a Wonderful Life’!


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