Record numbers for Base Oils Conference

Meeting room 8.jpgThe 14th World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference which ended today had a big wow factor with a record 410 attendance – making it by far the biggest ICIS conference ever. Despite papers on the catastrophic year which the industry had in 2009, and the apparently imminent demise of the European industry, there were some more upbeat presentations on spectacular new projects in Pascagoula and Qatar.


“It is the dawning of the age of GTL (gas to liquids),” said the chairman, in his triumphal closing speech.


The Blog was particularly impressed by one speaker, Geeta Agashe from Kline, who didn’t even look at her notes or the slides behind her. The Base Oils speakers also won the Blog seal of approval for their excellent good manners in constantly thanking the organisers (ICIS) for being invited to speak. In the closing stages of the conference, there was even a Q&A session in Mandarin – not only multinational but also multilingual.

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