Snow and Fire for London Base Oils

It sounds like the ICIS Base Oils Training in London on Monday got off to a flying start when trainer Amy Claxton‘s luggage went astray on her flight from snowbound Philadelphia. The flight itself had been pretty eventful with a body laid out in the plane during the journey. A further welcome to London was in store, when she was evacuated from the conference hotel in Lancaster Gate in what looked like a fire drill but turned out to be a real fire a few floors below her room.


Despite the fact that she had no luggage for the first day of “A Crash Course in Base Oils,” Amy ploughed on with her all-day training programme, which had attracted a large number of people who were in London for IP Week and would be attending the bumper ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference later this week on 18-19 February 2010.

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